Paint Booth Filters

Paint Booth Filters are a vital part to any piece of finishing equipment or dust collection system. We have over 25 years of experience servicing and installing paint booths and finishing systems. We know that our quality filters will not only help provide a cleaner painting environment, but will outlast many of the CHEAP filters on the market. You don’t save money when you buy cheap filters. You end up buying replacement filters more frequently because low-quality filters aren’t as durable or effective as the top brands we carry.

Filters protect every single component of your booth. A superior filtration product prolongs belt and fan life by preventing debris build up over time. Proper filtration doesn’t just affect your finished product, but maintains the efficient operation of each part of your booth. A low-grade filter can’t protect your pit walls, exhaust ducts and fans from overspray as effectively, and so you end up with higher maintenance and repair costs over time. Pit and fan blade cleaning can be expensive and cause unwanted downtime for your finishing system. Get ahead of the problem altogether by purchasing a high-caliber filter. It’s worth every penny.

No matter what you are finishing, we have the right product, whether you need intake filters, exhaust filters, paint pockets, carbon filters, Filtrair diffusion media, cross draft intake blankets or wire framed filters. We carry filters for all the major brands in the industry, including Global Finishing, Nova Verta, Garmat, Colmet, Spray Tech, Marathon Finishing, Blowtherm, Rohner, Accudraft, Kayco, Eagle Spray Booths, CMC and AFC to name a few. We have the most popular booth filters and media available right at your fingertips. Choose from Series 55 Tacky Intake Panels, Series 65 heavy Duty Intake Panels, FR-1 Intake Panels, FF-560 GX Diffusion Media, Fiberglass Pads & Rolls, E28 Products, Paint Pockets, Paper Paint Arrestors, Styropads, Andrae Paint Arrestors, Prefilter and Exhaust Filter Bags, Prefilter Links, and Poly Pak 45 Bag Filters.

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